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Life's a Game

Life's a Game

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2% with Michael Easter

2% with Michael Easter

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The Coaching Habit

The Coaching Habit

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Katelyn Jetelina

Your Local Epidemiologist

Your Local Epidemiologist

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Rapid Transformation

Rapid Transformation

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Peak Performance Insights

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I Will Teach You To Be Rich

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Sarah Kleiner Wellness

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The Perfect Loaf

We've helped builders, just like you, 3x subscribers in 6 months





It took me 2 years to grow to 134k subscribers.

"In 3 months of working with Paperboy, we doubled that. Within 12 months, we had cracked 700K. This system works."

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per day
Humble brag :)

"Wow do they know their stuff! I would gladly recommend Paperboy to anyone I know. They are absolute experts and amazingly easy to work with. I wish all our partners were this valuable."

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Gretchen Leslie

I Will Teach You To Be Rich w Ramit Sethi

Humble brag :)

"Paperboy has taken my newsletter to a whole new level. I am SO impressed with their data-driven methodology.  They're responsive, proactive, and self-sufficient, so I can trust that the work is getting done without micromanaging. 100% recommend."

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Katelyn Jetelina

Your Local Epidemiologist



You handle the content.
We’ll handle the growth.

The problem

As a professional creator, your primary focus is —and should be— producing excellent content. But there’s a problem. While you're busy creating, your newsletter growth may be falling behind.

Sure, you’re doing the standard stuff. Plugging your newsletter at the end of blog posts, threads, and maybe even a podcast or two. But you can't help feeling like you're leaving a lot on the table.

Simply put: Your list is one of the most valuable assets you have as a creator, and you cannot afford to take a passive approach to growth.

What if you could just show up, create great content, and know your newsletter will
A simple process that gets big results.
step 1

Setup & foundations

Before we begin your growth plan, we start every engagement with a setup period. This allows us to perform the necessary discovery to familiarize ourselves with your brand & content while also preparing the foundations for our growth plan moving forward.

Set Up
Funnel Audit & Optimization

Review & audit your current funnel to ensure all components are up to standards. We'll get your system in order so that we can maximize results as we begin to drive new subscribers. Includes: landing pages, positioning, welcome emails, automations, etc.

Reporting  & Data Collection

A growth plan is only as good as its data. We implement tools & protocols to establish data-collection and monitoring so that we can track real-time performance & make adjustments on the fly.

Subscriber Lifetime Value Analysis

Determine what a subscriber is worth to you (on avg). This allows us to make informed decisions around ad spend & budgeting that you can feel confident in.

Custom Growth Roadmap

A tailor-made Growth Roadmap designed to capitalize on your unique advantages. Which growth levers to pull, and when to pull them. Data from 4M+ subscribers under management.

step 2

Launching your growth campaigns

Launch the primary growth strategies. Including technical set up, asset creation & development, funnel design and more. Step back, let us handle the rest.

Set Up
Tool Set Up

Done-for-you configuration of all tools required for your growth plan. This might include: Creator Network, Referral Reward Programs, Affiliate Program, Paid Ads, and more.

Asset Creation

Design & development of any assets required to execute growth levers. Graphics, lead magnets, landing pages, copywriting, etc.  

Funnel Build

Manage and develop any funnels required to execute the delivery or fulfillment of marketing efforts. This includes strategy, copywriting & technical implementation.

step 3

Scale & Optimize

Finally, once our growth levers are launched we enter our ongoing optimization efforts. This is where 90% of
the results will come from. Here’s a peek behind the scenes of what we’ll be doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to maximize results from each of our channels.

Set Up
Ongoing Optimization

We handle all of the ongoing work required to manage, maintain and maximize your growth levers.


We believe in making data-backed decisions. Our comprehensive monthly reports give you (and us) insights into what’s actually working & how we're tracking against our goals.

Subscriber Quality Analysis

We don't just want MORE subscribers, we want more engaged leads. Implementation of any protocols or tools required to manage, measure & maintain high-quality subscribers.  

Strategic Consulting

Paperboy's services are focused predominantly on newsletter growth, but we also provide our clients with "as-needed" consulting on monetization, content strategy, product launches, sponsorship management, and more. The more you win, the more we win.

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Leveraging the best tools for the biggest growth.

Our toolbox
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Partner network
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Affiliate programs
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Lead magnets
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How we do it

We tailor our toolbox to you. Depending on where you’re at in the cycle of your business.

Meet the paperboys (And girls)

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Have more questions?

What’s included in my Paperboy subscription?

Great question, here’s the short answer:

Paperboy will develop a comprehensive growth strategy and then manage/oversee its implementation and execution.

Each growth strategy is multi-faceted and will include a variety of growth channels that each have their own respective deliverables. A majority of the growth plan execution will be covered within our scope, with a few notable caveats.

Keep reading for details…

What does Paperboy bring to the table?

Look, we’re gonna be straight with you. When it comes to newsletter growth, there is no magic bullet.

Yes, there are some new tools available (and more surfacing with what seems like every passing month), but our clients’ results have come from tactics and strategies that have been used for decades — ones that you probably know about or have even tried yourselves in the past. We’re not reinventing the wheel or providing some super secret sauce.

So what’s different? It’s simple, really.

The appropriate level of dedication applied consistently over a period time. Sprinkle in a little strategic guidance & technical oversight and we have ourselves a winning formula.

Our playbook + your ecosystem x (time) = Growth

It’s a simple formula that gets results. That’s the winning ticket.

Does Paperboy get involved with newsletter writing?

As a growth agency, we handle copywriting for anything and everything related to the marketing of your newsletter. Landing page headlines, funnel sequences, lead magnets, ad copy, etc.

As for the weekly newsletter broadcasts, that's in your hands! The truth is, our clients are pretty much rockstars when it comes to content.

But if we see an opportunity to streamline a publishing process or optimize a workflow, we’ll certainly make a recommendation.

However, we do plan to expand our services to include a ghostwriting option in the near future. Stay tuned for that.

What about writing for funnels, automations & sequences?

When it comes to evergreen sequences (like the Welcome series or those associated with lead magnets), we can handle 100% of the setup and even some of the writing for the more "technical" pieces. However, we do recommend that the client maintain a more hands-on relationship when it comes to crafting any pieces that are more “brand critical” or personal. Of course, we'll always audit/review and provide strategic recommendations for those pieces to make sure they're optimized and dialed in, following all best practices etc.

What do you mean by “growth levers”?

From time to time you will hear us refer to “growth levers.” Growth levers are simply tactics, methods and mechanisms that we’ve identified to be most effective for newsletter growth. Some levers are organic (e.g. recommendation groups & lead magnets) while others are paid (affiliate partnerships, sponsorships & traditional social advertising). Not every growth lever makes sense for every client, and certain levers are better pulled at certain times depending on where you are in your journey.

Part of our initial audit is uncovering what combination and sequence of levers make the most sense for you and your business.

Do I need to have a budget for paid growth?

Here's the deal, there are plenty of non-paid growth strategies out there. But as is the case with all marketing, they take a lot more elbow grease, and a lot more time to yield results.  

At Paperboy, we've found that we can provide the best results and the biggest value to clients that can dedicate budget to paid growth channels — so for now, that is our focus.

But just because you're investing in growth, doesn't mean it needs to come out of pocket. Learn more about the Reinvestment Growth Loop model here.

Have more questions?